A Trip to Buttercup Farm!

So what did you guys do post Fight Gone Bad yesterday? Watch some football, enjoy some refreshments?

So did we!

David and I (Amanda) took a little drive over to Buttercup Farm in Sterling, CT in pursuit of some raw milk.  I had read about the health benefits of drinking raw milk, which is milk straight from the cow without any processing such as pasteurization or homogenization.  During the processing of milk, its good bacteria and digestive enzymes are removed.  Raw milk, with its enzymes, beneficial bacteria, calcium, vitamins and minerals intact, is a complete and balanced food, meaning it has everything your body needs to thrive and you could live on just that.  

The raw milk we got from Buttercup Farm is from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows, whom we met and petted, and who are not fed growth hormones, antibiotics or grain.  We loved being there and chatting with Brad, the owner of the farm, about the animals.  You could tell he really loved his animals and that he was passionate about the integrity of their product.  

And the product is top notch!  We almost drank all the milk already! Next time we go back we will try to stop by around 4 pm, which is when you can see the cows being milked.  


Check out http://www.realmilk.com for more info or to find a farm.