Athlete of the Month March 2015!

Our next AOTM spotlight shines on Stacy Parent! Stacy has been with us since our very first 5:15 am class on our opening day, and she has not stopped getting up to catch the worm at 5:15 class since.  The interview you will read below with Stacy sums up exactly why she’s our March pick.  To be the best athlete and teammate, you need to be more than just the guy or gal who RX’s every single WOD (though she can definitely hold her own – have you seen her row?)  Stacy is a go-getter who also brings positivity and friendly competition into the box each day.  We think what you’ll read below is super inspiring.  Want to be a better athlete? Adopt this type of attitude. 




Enjoy this Q&A with Stacy! 

What made you decide to try CrossFit?


I am always looking for the next challenge and was bored with the same routine it was not working for me anymore.  Several people had asked if I had tried Crossfit yet but was honestly afraid I would never be able to do it.  I decided however to just give it a try what did I have to lose and now here I am today completely addicted.


What is your fitness background?


I dabbled in kickboxing, spin, at home workouts (P90X, T25, TapOut).  These never lasted for long periods of time I got bored quickly and moved on.


What were your thoughts after your first CrossFit WOD?


My first thoughts were “Holy Intense” but that’s what I needed and love it so much that it gets me out of bed every morning at 4:30 ever since.


What has been your favorite moment since joining Banana?


Truly realizing what I am actually capable of…I may not be the fastest or the strongest in the box but man the PR’s I’ve hit and the times I’ve crushed are my own personal goals and looking back a year ago this would have been unheard of for me.  A 225# deadlift, 115# Clean & Jerk and competing in two Crossfit competitions…What!?!?  I was lifting 15lb dumbbells at my house before this. 


Also I have to say the community that has been built by the members of this box has been truly unexpected but one of the best features of Crossfit.  Every single person I have met is truly amazing in their own way and I am so happy to be part of the “Banana Bunch”.


What is your favorite movement?

I have to say rowing – I’ve really come to love it.  Also anything with a barbell except for Thrusters! Thrusters are evil!!


Least favorite?

Burpees Burpees Burpees I despise you!


What would your “dream WOD” look like?


My favorite WOD to date has been “Fight Gone Bad” I know it sounds crazy but I really love a longer WOD that really gets you focused on the movements and you just get in this zone that pushes you past your limits. 


What motivates you to keep doing CrossFit?


Everything is planned out for you so there is no thinking and the coaches are always there to support and encourage you.  It is always challenging and different everyday so nothing gets routine or boring.  It’s fun to set new PR’s and get stronger each week. Regardless of the WOD, the friendly competition each workout brings pushes you to reach your personal goals as well as bring you to a place you didn’t think was possible.  I am 100% addicted and so happy that I finally found something I love and have stuck with now for over a year.


Any advice for those new to CF?


This best advice I can give from own personal experience is don’t compete with others – compete with yourself.  Everyone has a different fitness background and some have the ability to do some movements better than others but don’t let that discourage you.  All WOD’s are scalable who cares if you can’t do RX…track your progress and you will look back months from now and say “WOW look how far I’ve come” Don’t be intimidated everyone was a beginner at one time just stay consistent and you will be crushing your own personal goals in no time.