Athlete of the Month April 2015!

And our Athlete of the Month for April is... Amy Carosi! Amy is another of our worm catchers in the 5:15 am class.  Even with a family at home and job to go to, Amy finds the time and makes no excuses!  She wakes up early to get into the gym and start her day with a big dose of endorphins.  A big milestone for Amy was getting her first pull-up.  She didn't spend a whole lot of time celebrating, though.  Her mind was onto the next task! She set her next goal of 5 pull-ups back in December and stayed 5 minutes after every 5:15 am WOD to ask for help doing her buddy pull-ups.  As of the end of March, she met her goal of 5 strict dead-hang pull-ups! We can't wait to see what Amy sets out to achieve next.  

Amy is not a Facebook user and is enjoying the beach this week, so when you see her next week make sure to say congratulations!

When and why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit in May 2014.  Roughly 6 months earlier, I was diagnosed with a lung condition whose treatments fortunately include exercise, notably running.  As a former marathon runner this was music to my ears, but I also enjoyed working out with weights.  With a toddler at home and less free time, I was looking for something that could offer the benefits of both and having taken a boot camp class a while back, I thought CrossFit would be the perfect fit.  

What were you doing before CF?

Before CrossFit, I was doing mostly weights -mainly total body workouts I came across in Women’s Health and the like, as well as some running.  

What were your thoughts after your first class?

I initially felt a bit intimidated based on my performance and how it compared to others, but David and Amanda made such a favorable impression that I knew CrossFit would ultimately be a perfect fit for me.  I also quickly realized what a welcoming and supportive community CFB is, which is not only a testament to the coaches, but the other members as well.

Tell us a little about yourself (family, hobbies, interests, job…)

I’m married (my husband Mike joined in October 2014 and is hooked) with a 2 year old daughter and get the most enjoyment out of spending time with family and friends - preferably with some good food, drink and music.  I’ve worked in the insurance industry for almost 13 years now in a variety of management roles.  

Has CF affected your life outside the gym?

Absolutely.  The biggest thing has been the improvement to my health and how that has provided such an improved overall quality of life.  

What has been your proudest achievement in the gym?

Finally getting 5 strict pull-ups!

What is your favorite movement or WOD?

I actually like burpees as far as movements go, but my favorite WOD has been 13.2/15.2 (scaled). 

Least favorite?

Wall Balls or thrusters.  I suppose those I struggle with most, I like least.

Any advice for new CrossFitters?

Be patient.  CrossFit is very challenging from a physical, mental and technical standpoint, but CFB is made up of excellent coaches and people that will not only help you improve, but make the process fun.

What would your “dream WOD” look like?

My dream WOD would include Burpee Pull Ups, a Banana Run, KB Swings, and probably another movement that isn’t Wall Balls or Thrusters.