And how to actually achieve the goals you set this year

Reading time:  5-7 minutes

Hey, it's 2017!  We're off to a fresh start again and we challenge you to make the most of it.

There seem to be two schools of thought in regard to New Year Resolutions.  

Some people say that you shouldn't wait until the New Year, or a Monday, or until that stressful time has passed by to start to make a change and work toward it.  If you really want it, you'll start now.  

Other people say the New Year is the perfect time to really start fresh and set your goals.  

Is either of these really right or wrong?  Strive to be the type of person who goes after the things they want to accomplish.  Take imperfect action.  Go before you're ready because you'll never just magically become ready.  But why not also take advantage of that clean slate feeling the New Year brings?  This is a perfect time to set some must-do goals for the year ahead. 

So, sit down and think about what you’d like to accomplish this year, and make a plan!

The biggest tip we have for successful goal-setting is to specifically plan how you will achieve said goal.  

Here is a list of steps to take when creating your plan:

Record all this by using a planner or notebook to keep track of your progress.  


1. Decide on and write down the goal.  

2. Write down smaller, stepping stone goals that will lead you to achieving that ultimate goal.  The more details you write down, the more likely you are to stick to the plan.  Just write it down.  It won’t get done if it stays a thought in your mind. 

3. Write down dates to give yourself deadlines.

4. Write the actions you will take each day, week or month to achieve your goal. 

Check off each action you take toward reaching your goal.  The small actions you take become your new habits.   Stay committed to this process and hold yourself accountable.  Once something is a habit, you stay consistent with it.  That consistency will deliver you to completing your ultimate goal.  So take some time to really think about and write down your plan.  Become an action-taker right now. 

Not sure where to start?

Here are 30 resolution ideas for both fitness newbies and active people:

1.   Get a CrossFit membership.  Seriously.  The reason you stop going to the gym the second week of January is because the treadmill gets boring and you have no idea what else to do in there.   At CrossFit, you get daily instruction and programming, support from likeminded people, and actual results in your fitness, strength and physique.  A month of unlimited classes costs less than 2 personal training sessions.  And it’s fun!  If you’re already doing CrossFit, tell someone else why they need to try it. 

2.   Get your first pull-up.

3.   Squat 1.5x bodyweight.

4.   Deadlift double bodyweight.

5.   Take better control of your health by taking care of your body through exercise, eating a nutritious diet, stress management, stretching, moving more, etc.  

6.   Work to live; don’t live to work. 

7.   Hold a plank for 2 minutes. 

8.   Put down the phone or tablet and read more books. 

9.   Get 1 g protein per lb. bodyweight each day.

10.                Stop doing trendy diets that have a name or restrict entire food groups.

11.                Take your fitness outside the gym. 

12.                 Practice handstands or handstand walking.

13.                Spend 10 minutes 3x/week playing on the gymnastics rings or crawling on the floor. 

14.                Drink. More. Water.

15.                Start preparing your meals instead of grabbing what’s convenient. 

16.                Take your warm-ups and cool-downs seriously.  Execute them well.  Pretend they’re going on the leaderboard. 

17.                Eat 2-3 fist-sized portions of vegetables with every meal.  

18.                Meditate and practice diaphragmatic breathing. 

19.                Do 25 unbroken chest-to-floor pushups. 

20.              Learn how to do pistols.

21.                Do 100 unbroken double unders. 

22.               Get a standing desk. 

23.                Practice the splits.

24.                Start writing in a journal.

25.                Have a more positive attitude. 

26.                Squat your bodyweight for a set of 10 reps. 

27.                Move with integrity.  Make all your repetitions look textbook.  

28.                Drink less alcohol.

29.                Save this list and add to it. 

30.                Quit saying “I will” and start saying “I am.”