Athlete of the Moment: James Fitzpatrick

Alright, so we (Amanda) haven't (hasn't) been diligent in keeping up with Athlete of the Month, SO... introducing a new series, "Athlete of the Moment." Because, like, I'm trying, okay?  Wait, no try, only do.  Okay, doing.  Here we go - a most awesome interview below from a long-time member of our box, James Fitzpatrick!


When and why did you start CrossFit?

Fall 2010 - some friends of mine at my old job asked me if I wanted to try out this thing called CrossFit. After my first WOD that included a scaled “Fran” (empty bar thrusters and jumping chin-ups) left me absolutely destroyed - I was hooked! But in honesty, the “quantifiable” approach to fitness and the camaraderie culture also helped. 

What were you doing before CF? 

Eating free pizza at a purple gym that yelled at you for doing deadlifts.

Tell us a little about yourself (family, hobbies, interests, job…)

I’m getting married soon to my better half, Maleny, and we have a kick-ass schnauzer named Minka. I’m a software engineer and can geek-out from time to time. Other hobbies include tacos, Laotian food, food in general, music, Star Wars, reading, and Pokémon.

Has CF affected your life outside the gym?

Yeah, I would say so. There are plenty of times in the gym where you feel like crap, you want the WOD to end, but you have 34 more burpees to do…but you finish.  I think this translates to other life and/or work events – it trains you to “embrace the suck” sometimes and just finish.

What has been your proudest achievement in the gym?

I would say finally feeling “comfortable” with double-unders. It was a weak point and I was procrastinating for the longest time just to practice them. The “tiger-stripe” welts were worth it. (There are still days where the DU gods fail me though…) 

What is your favorite movement or WOD? 

Front squats or C2B pull-ups. I also dig the benchmark WOD, “Nancy”.

Least favorite?

God-awful BURPEES.

Any advice for new CrossFitters?

Squat…heavy and a lot.

What would your “dream WOD” look like?

I like ascending rep-scheme AMRAPs for some reason. And also really like “named” WODs. So something like,


10 min AMRAP

2, ,4, 6, 8, 10, etc

Front Squats(135/95)

C2B Pull-ups

Box Jumps (30”/24”)