After the Open

After the Open


The first thing we would like to say is congratulations to everyone who just completed their first, second or even third CrossFit Open at CFB.  It is hard to believe that we have already been through 3 opens together! 


CrossFit Banana was formed in January 2014 and at that time we were a very small community.  The competitive side of CrossFit was something no one really fully understood or really cared about at that point in time.  Most people were here because they had heard about CrossFit, and simply wanted to lose weight or get in shape.  But we managed to talk a few of you into participating.  I think most people did it just to see what the heck we were talking about. 


This year, two open seasons later, we saw 14.5 show up again as 16.5 and it brought back memories of that first year.  The people who experienced 14.5 back then (and swore they’d never do it again…) got to repeat it.  People who did the workout both years shaved off 50% or more from their original time.   What was once a 30 minute grueling workout now took 15 minutes or less to complete.  This was a defining moment and really put into perspective how much stronger and fitter we have gotten since that time.  People who participated in 2014 with no expectations whatsoever now went into this workout and entire open season with goals and intentions.


It is amazing to see the progress that the athletes who have been here since day one have made from their first open in 2014. Jocelyn, Kati and Alex all got their first muscle ups and Jocelyn totally crushed 16.3 and made it look like she had been doing muscle ups forever.  Alex improved her 14.5/16.5 time from over 28 minutes down to just 12 minutes.  Justin finished 26/650 of all males in RI and 600 of over 15,000 males in the region at just 20 years old! Mike Carosi did extremely well, ranking very highly in his age division.  Sue Jamiel participated in the women’s masters division and has improved tremendously compared to 2015.  15-year-old Tasha and 17-year-old Jazz show a ton of promise for the future and continue to impress us all with not only their fitness but as bright young people.  Last but not least, Big Chen is still probably the fittest 36-year-old Asian male in Rhode Island! 


Whether you were a rookie or a veteran this year, we congratulate you on completing the open and hope you enjoyed the experience, the community support, and learning about yourself as an athlete.  Great job, everyone!


So what now?


Now that the excitement of the open season is calmed down, it is time to get prepared for 2017!  Plenty/most of us are here for fitness, health, and community and that is absolutely awesome.  However, some of us enjoy the competitive side of CrossFit, regardless of whether progressing to Regionals or further is a goal or possibility.  Dave will continue to explain the programming in class as we go through different cycles, but here are some things you should always focus on to be in good shape for next year:


-       Spend a few minutes each day working on skills that may or may not be part of the daily program, such as acquiring more strict pull-ups.  Practice kipping pull-ups, toes-to-bar, and muscle up progressions.  Spend time on your hands practicing handstands, handstand push-ups and handstand walking. 

-       Maintain or improve your aerobic base and endurance.

-       Scale appropriately to improve power and speed.

-       Get strong from your strength work, not from your metcon.  Pick appropriate weights to get the intended stimulus of the workout.  If the prescribed weight for an exercise on the whiteboard is 90% of your one rep max and the workout is meant to be a short burner, scale the weight.  

-       Plan your own de-loading weeks or cycle your days based on varying rates of perceived exertion.  Every day can’t be heavy and/or high intensity.  Don’t get burned out, and stay injury free. 

-       Every day is not a competition.  Every day is training. 

-       Without proper nutrition and hydration, you’re probably not getting the results you could be getting.  So get it in check!

-       Recover.  The best athletes are prioritizing their nutrition, sleep, stress reduction and stretching. 


Please remember that there is no magical end result that is going to suddenly make us happy, fulfilled and done.  The most enjoyable part of the fitness journey is the daily grind, the struggle, and the effort put into training.   When you finally get the new PR, how long do you actually enjoy it before you start thinking about your next goal?  Like 10 minutes or a day tops?  The passion is in the process, so enjoy your training this year!



“Everybody wants to reach the peak, but there is no growth on the top of a mountain.  It is in the valley that we slog through the lush grass and rich soil, learning and becoming what enables us to summit life’s next peak.” ~ Andy Andrews