The CrossFit Games Open 2017



That’s right people, it’s almost that time again – time to put your training to the test in the CrossFit Games Open!  The Open is the first stop on the road to The CrossFit Games.  The top athletes in the Open will move onto the Regionals and the best at Regionals will move on from there to The CrossFit Games.  The Open consists of 1 event/workout per week for 5 weeks.    Anyone can participate in the Open as there are multiple age divisions as well as a scaled leaderboard, so it really is inclusive and fun for all athletes of all abilities. 


During the Open, our Saturday morning workouts will be the Open events.  Like prior years, we’ll do these as a group in heats and be officially judged for standards.  It becomes an exciting atmosphere and you’ll push yourself to your true potential with the camaraderie and energy from our community.  As you know, these are workouts we test throughout the year repeatedly, so it’s a great time to set a benchmark for yourself.  CrossFit is competitive and that’s why we get so strong and fit – not from competing with others, but from competing with ourselves and always pushing to get better than yesterday.  Competing in the Open, you will test your limits, expose weaknesses that you can work on, and also find out what your strengths are. 


Registration for the 2017 Open begins January 12 and costs only $20 to get your name on the leaderboard.


Schedule of Events: 

17.1: February 23 - 27
17.2: March 2 - 6
17.3: March 9 - 13
17.4: March 16 - 20
17.5: March 23 – 27


We’ll be streaming the Open announcement per usual each Thursday night at 8 pm during the Open, so come hang out and watch the pros demo the workout.



The work's been mostly done.  Now, the next 6-ish weeks, focus on cycling lighter weights on the barbell, efficient movement and technique, and getting your conditioning in check.  Don't forget that nutrition makes a major difference in performance and the way you feel and move, so join our upcoming nutrition challenge!

We will be holding some mini clinics on Saturday mornings to focus on skill work leading up to the Open.  Stay tuned for more info on that coming soon!