What is CrossFit?

The CrossFit methodology is based on constantly varied, high intensity functional movement.  What does that mean?  The workout is different each day and based on performing movements that translate to real life.  You'll gain strength that will carry over to bringing your groceries in from the car in one trip, putting something up onto a shelf, or bending over to pick something up properly.  

Routine is the enemy and we are always learning and challenging ourselves in different ways.  We do not specialize and instead can be ready for any task.  

What's the difference between CrossFit and the regular gym?

When you walk in our gym, you won't see endless stationary equipment like treadmills and machines.  Instead, we use pull-up bars, squat racks, barbells, rowers, jump ropes, kettlebells, odd objects and wide open space.  


Community is the secret sauce which makes CrossFit so much fun.  You'll be surrounded by like-minded people who want to see you succeed.  These people and your coaches will hold you accountable and push you to do things you wouldn't do going to the gym alone. 

Do you need to be in shape to do CrossFit?

Nope!  Everyone can do it.  The programming is scalable and intensity is relative to the individual.  That means an elite athlete and someone who is new to exercise can train together side-by-side, each being challenged with a stimulus that's appropriate to them.  The majority of our community members are regular people just looking to stay healthy and fit.  

Will CrossFit change the way I look?

Yep!  As long as you put in consistent effort and hard work in the gym and kitchen, you'll get results in the way you look, think and feel, as well as accomplish fitness goals you never thought you could.  A leaner and more defined physique is a side effect of the type of training you'll be doing. 

What to expect in a class...

Each class is 1 hour long.  Our coaches teach you how to do everything, from the warm up to cool down and the strength, skill and conditioning work in between.  

Class sizes are kept small (15 athlete cap) to ensure each athlete receives personal attention from our coaches.  It is important to us that you learn and execute movements with good form and proper loading.  You'll get the benefits of personal training with a workout that is customized to your ability.  

Outside The Gym

CrossFit as a workout is done inside the gym but it is expected that you will take the steps to properly recover and fuel up for your training.  This means prioritizing nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress management, stretching and mobility work, and doing active things outside the gym.  

Our Facility

CrossFit Gamut is a clean and bright space located at 245 Quaker Lane in West Warwick, Rhode Island.  Amenities include shower and changing rooms.  We are a 5-minute drive from I-95 and close to shopping areas such as Bald Hill Road.  

At CrossFit Gamut

Here there are no machines, mirrors or headphones.  Instead, we have barbells, chalk, loud music, great atmosphere, positive and supportive community, goals and fun.  

If you're ready to switch up your routine and do empowering things with your body you never knew you could, sign up for our free intro class! 


Monday through Friday

5:15 am, 9:30 am

12:00 noon

4:30, 5:30, 6:30 pm


8:15, 9:15 AM


9:15 AM


David Chen, CF-L2 || Co-Founder / Head Coach

Amanda Perry, CF-L1, Precision Nutrition Level 1 || Co-Founder / Manager / Coach

Chris Kunzmann, CF-L1 || Coach