Athlete of the Month January 2015!

Happy New Year everyone!

Starting with January, we will be putting the spotlight on one athlete each month.

Without further adieu, our first athlete of the the month is Robert Doll! The list of reasons why Robert is our first athlete of the month is a lengthy one.  Rob has been an athlete here at CFB since the very beginning on our grand opening day of January 6, 2014.  Therefore, he is very special to us! When we decided to introduce athlete of the month, we didn't even have to think about who would be in the spotlight first.  We commonly refer to Rob as the "ideal crossfitter."  He works hard during the WOD and then stays after class every single time he's here to address his mobility concerns.  He knows the importance of nutrition and follows a strict paleo lifestyle; you can usually catch him post workout with sweet potato in hand or a high quality protein shake.  He comes in equipped with of all the essential tools one would need - lifting shoes, Nanos, personal jump rope, knee sleeves, etc.  Gadgets aside, Rob also brings with him a great attitude, willingness to listen and learn, and tons of patience (finally got those double unders!) Great job, Robert!



Check out our Q&A with Rob below:


1.     What made you decide to try CrossFit?

About 2 years ago, I was looking to shake up my fitness routine.  CrossFit was on my radar, so I checked out another local box and took their on-ramp program.  For various reasons, I didn’t end up joining that particular box, but at the urging of their coach at the time, I decided to try Crossfitting on my own.  I followed mainsite programming, utilizing my local gym’s equipment, making due the best I could with what was available to me.  However, I lacked the push and critical eye of a trained coach.  When Banana opened, the location was so convenient that I had to check it out.  We cliqued immediately and I’ve been a member since day one. 

2.     What was your background in fitness prior to CrossFit?

I was not an active kid, but I started a little casual lifting in college, aerobics (it was the 80s) and in more recent years spinning, yoga and of course CrossFit.  I’ve always gone to the gym regularly, but it wasn’t until CrossFit that I experienced such dramatic changes.  I have recently added some swimming into the mix. 

3.     What is your favorite movement or workout?

An unpopular answer, I know, but burpees. 

4.     Least favorite?

Wallballs.  Definitely wallballs.

5.     What has been your proudest achievement thus far?

Finally getting double unders. 

6.     Favorite cheat food?

Potato chips.  If they’re cooked in olive or avocado oil, they’re not that bad of a cheat. 

7.     Do you have any New Year’s resolutions or goals?

I’ve never really believed in New Year’s resolutions.  I think it’s too easy to set yourself up for failure.  However, my ongoing goal is to simply keep improving on both a physical and mental level.  My own personal motto is ‘never stop learning.’

8.     Any advice for new Crossfitters?

Just keep coming.  Stay committed and consistent.  You will see improvements.  Listen to your coaches.  They have the knowledge and your best interests in mind.  Also, get your diet on point.  It really is a huge part of overall fitness.  Don’t neglect mobility work.  It will serve you well in the long run. 


*Rob was also asked what a workout he designed would look like, so expect to see the WOD he created this week! You better RX it Rob!!